CatzCoin Devs Can’t Dump on You

1 min readMay 21, 2021


Hi #CatzNation,

In last 24 hours, our growth exploded to over 3,000 HODLERS and almost $16m in MC before pulling back to around $10m. Remember HODLers pullbacks are healthy and are part of the game in the world of volatility in crypto. One just needs to zoom out on the SHIB and DOGE coin charts and one will know it is never a straight line to the top!

With the success however it also brought about a few concerned investors (FUDers? We would never cal them that!!). Their concerns revolved around the dev wallet (49% of the tokens) in $CATZ.

The team has since addressed this issue on our varies social media channels.

To be clear, the dev team cannot touch the large majority of the coins in the CatzCoin smart contract.

The 49% in the CatzCoin smart contract is split into

-20% burnt token (burns every 6 months over the next 24 months; cannot be withdrawal ahead of schedule)

-10% team vesting tokens (to be vested automatically over the next 12 months cannot be withdrawal ahead of schedule)

-5% for our very successful airdrop program (closes 7 Jun)

-15% for donations to cat charities and marketing expenses — with 1% drawn out for marketing yesterday

All of this is on the BscScan and on our Github.