CatzCoin Renaissance

2 min readFeb 7, 2022

Hello CatzNation!

My name is Wolfswelpe, I am a tech industry professional and a true believer in CatzCoin. I noticed this project had been drifting recently, without recent updates or activity. So, I reached out to the CEO (William Wu), and explained my desire to help CatzCoin realize its true potential. I also brought together a talented team of professionals and crypto enthusiasts with experience spanning the worlds of cryptocurrency, marketing, business and tech. Mr. Wu, who has started several successful crypto projects, has agreed to let us take charge of managing CatzCoin over a period of time. My team and I are excited to bring new life, passion and drive to our beloved CATZ.

You may have noticed our Telegram ( is already looking better. In addition to banishing the spammers and scammers, we want to nurture a strong community filled with fun and everything related to cats and/or CATZ. Our next steps will include updating the website and restarting other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Stay tuned for updates!

Further down the road we have big plans for CatzCoin. We’re currently exploring partnerships and cross-promotion with other crypto projects, cat-themed NFTs and an eventual relaunch with improvements to the smart contract (including staking).

I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you all. Let’s take CATZ to the moon!

Managing Director