CatzNation Update 30–06–21

2 min readJun 30, 2021

June has been a tough month for crypto.

Coming off ATH in crypto, people started to believe in the super cycle hype and that things were in “Up Only” mode forever.

Well Elon and subsequently the Chinese government quickly put that idea to bed. The saying goes, when bitcoin sneezes, the rest of crypto catches a cold, and boy it was a hell of a cold.

Luckily for us $Catz has 9 lives! So the team had to regroup, lick our wounds and solider on. We had investor expectations to fulfil, roadmaps to complete, charities to support and homeless cats to save.

Given the market tanked so much and our now very limited resources, it’s been a challenge trying to allocate our budget between supporting development work and maintaining some level of marketing to attract new investors. We don’t pretend to know the exact balance or that we are doing everything 100% correctly, but rest assured we are trying our hardest.


While initially slated for the end of June launch it will now be pushed back to next month to release with CatzStaking.

In these 2 months we have witnessed countless rug pulls and exploits to other BSC DeFi projects, so we really want to do our best to make sure our DeFi launch will be without bugs or exploits to protect our investors.


The $Fishz token logo has been finalized. Big thanks to the community for voting on the final design, you guys are a really creative bunch!

We will ensure we have the best tokenomics to attract investors from across the BSC landscape.

10 Tesla Giveaway

Finally I am sure you are all aware we are giving away 10 Teslas!!!! Get hyped and spread the word #CatzNation, first draw going out as soon as we hit 10m MC!