2 min readMay 20, 2021

Hello CatzNation,

What a week it has been for $CatzCoin! The unfortunate news around Bitcoin and Crypto in general when Elon tweeted his views on its energy consumption has not dampened our Catmunity’s spirits! We went from under 3,500 Catz Hodlers to over 6,000 and our market cap from under 10m to over 28m before pulling back.

Our whitepaper with a revamped roadmap has been published, and new website designs are just weeks away.

We have listened to our community’s feedback on $Catz liquidity, and as a result our first ever listing on a CEX took place this week on Bankcex, and we are in talks with many more over the coming weeks.

Our proudest achievement to date however is building a truly global community for cat lovers.

Regardless of gender, race, country or religion, we are all united by our mutual love for cats, and to donate to charitable causes that share our passion.

Our 20,000 strong Telegram group has also expanded across 12 language groups allowing each community to flourish under their native tongue.

We have also started hiring head of country marketing managers across different regions with the hope that CatzCoin can reach all corners of the world.

We also have engaged with many influencers who have helped us spread the word on CatzCoin: please find them here.

A new website, exchange listings, new hires, influencers and CatzRewards program, all of these have a significant cost attributed to them, and hence we have been drawing down from the marketing wallet in the last few days to fund these initiatives, we believe over the long run the community will see significant benefits from these outgoings.

Finally, I want to share with you this wonderful initiative by the Brazilian CatzCoin community.

A local pizzeria in São João Evangelista, Brazil now accepts $Catz!

Grassroot supports like this are the reasons we do what we do. The team is also thinking of innovative ways for all Catz Lovers to be involved in the charity donation process. Stay tuned for more details, CatzNation!