Introducing CatzCoin ($CATZ)

4 min readMay 20, 2021

🐱‍🏍A truly connected global community for cat fans and supporters

CatzCoin (CATZ) is the leading community coin made by cat lovers for other cat lovers.‌‌ With the goal of building the largest cat community, we are a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no external investor, and no pre-mine. So from the beginning, this has always been a product built by cat lovers, for cat lovers. Our motto: by the Catz, for the Catz.

🐱‍🚀Welcome to the CatzNation

We are building the CatzNation upon a set of core fundamental values that we pledge to follow.‌

  • Our ultimate goal is to overtake Dogecoin as the top community coin. Early backers will be rewarded!
  • Our mission is to help cats — starting with homeless cats. You support this mission by buying coins and helping us increase the price. We will be donating 5% of the total coin supply to charities that support homeless cats over the next 30 months. $CATZ holders will get to choose which charities by voting. Watch this space!
  • There’s a capped supply of 100 billion coins, and no new coins will ever be created. Also, 20% of the $CATZ in existence will be burnt in the coming months — get in now before they all disappear!‌
  • Everything about our project is transparent and verifiable on Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”) Scan; there will be no rug pull! Also, we built the coin on the BSC network because sending transactions on BSC is incredibly efficient and will cost you much less gas, maximising your yield.

$CATZ will truly be the next big investment… watch as we become the next number 1! 🐱🐱🐱

🎁 Our Roadmap

  1. [1 May] PancakeSwap listing (starting market capitalisation of $25k)
  2. [4 May to 9 June] Airdrop event
  3. [10 May and ongoing] CatzInfluencer collaborations
  4. [13 May and ongoing] CatzRewards program
  5. [15 May] Followers exceeding 10,000 on each of the major social media platforms
  6. [Mid-May] Listing on price-tracing websites (e.g. CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko)
  7. [Mid-May and ongoing] CatzNation expansion
  8. [Late-May] Listing on centralised exchanges
  9. [28 May to 18 July] CatzNFT contest
  10. [July] CatzSwap launch
  11. [July] CatzFarm launch
  12. [August] CatzTrading launch
  13. [31 October] CatzCharity
  14. [31 October] CatzBurn

❓ What is the CATZ token used for?

  1. The token will be used to build a global Catz community: The CatzNation will be the largest global multilingual community connected by CatzFans who support one another. The CatzCoin will be used to facilitate interactions, payments, and transfers among members of the CatzNation.
  2. Decentralised finance (DeFi) utilities: $CATZ can be staked to earn transaction fees and Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens. LP tokens can then be used to farm $FISHZ, a new reward token, and NFTs, which can be traded on CatzTrading in exchange for other NFTs or $CATZ.
  3. Participating in CatzCharity to rescue homeless cats: $CATZ holders will have the right to vote which cat charities the donations should go towards.
  4. Governance rights: $CATZ holders have the right to vote on any important issues as they arise, such as new product development, fee structure updates and protocol changes.

🐱‍💻 Token Distribution

There is a total fixed and limited supply of 100 billion tokens. That means no new tokens will ever be created. The distribution of the tokens have been allocated as per below:

Market liquidity (40%): We have put up 40% of the total supply on PancakeSwap as initial liquidity. The liquidity is locked on UniCrypt, so there will always be a functioning market.

Airdrops (5%): CatzCoin is currently holding an Airdrop event to distribute CatzCoin to participants who are involved with sharing and supporting the CatzCoin vision. Participants do not have to be existing $CATZ investors to be involved in the Airdrop event. 5 billion tokens will be airdropped to participants who sign up for the $CATZ airdrop event. Every participant will receive an equal share of the tokens. As of 15 May 2021, there are over 13,000 registrations. Applications close on 7 June 2021 and distribution will occur on 9 June 2021. To ensure integrity of the process, the CatzTeam has commissioned a third-party service provider to audit the Airdrop event.

Promotions and competitions (15%): These coins will be used for promotions and competitions, including our key charity event to donate 5% of the total supply (1% every 6 months for the next 30 months) to homeless cat charities. Your support to increase the price will increase the amount of $$$ they eventually get!

Burnt tokens (20%): We will automatically burn 5% of total tokens every 6 months for the next 24 months. This will reduce the total circulating supply and cause the price to increase.

Team and development tokens (20%): These tokens are to be used to incentivise support of price development by the team over the coming months. Remaining tokens will vest at a rate of 2.5% every 3 months.

😻 How do I get started?

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