Why CatzCoin?

(This was adapted from a Telegram post I wrote in response to a CATZ holder’s question about the potential I see in this project).

I see CatzCoin (CATZ) in the context of a growing ecosystem of meme coins. In that sense, I see Dogecoin as the archetype and biggest inspiration. In contrast to traditional investors who regard meme coins as a passing fad, I believe they reflect a new type of investor behaviour, which is also reflected in the success of meme stocks like GME. I think what we’re witnessing is just the beginning of this phenomenon. We have already seen dozens of DOGE lookalikes (mostly based on Shiba Inus) achieve multimillion-dollar valuations. In my opinion many of these coins lack the ‘meme-appeal’ that is the cornerstone of Dogecoin’s success. Even Shiba Inu (SHIB), for all its (extremely impressive) success, strikes me as rather derivative and uninteresting as a meme. Likewise for CateCoin (CATE), currently the largest cat-themed meme coin, the name of which is a blatant reference to Dogecoin.

As this sector matures and expands, I believe CatzCoin is very well-positioned to become established as the leading meme coin of cats. We are, simply put, cooler than the competition😎. Our charitable giving also set us apart from other meme coins including DOGE, giving CatzNation a sense of purpose, and setting the love of cats front-and-center in our community and our brand.

This is a long-term vision, and we are just getting started. CatzCoin is still just a kitten. It’s encouraging to remember that were CATZ to achieve a valuation just 1% that of DOGE (and I think we can do better than that!) it would represent a >220x increase for holders who bought CATZ at the current price (as of 18/04/22).

I hope this helps give you a feel for my optimism regarding the future of CATZ. This is not a sprint or a pump-and-dump. Experience shows that meme coin valuations tend to sky-rocket during bullish periods in crypto. Rain or shine, we’re working hard on setting up CatzCoin for massive success this year and in the years to come.

Managing Director



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