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June has been a tough month for crypto.

Coming off ATH in crypto, people started to believe in the super cycle hype and that things were in “Up Only” mode forever.

Well Elon and subsequently the Chinese government quickly put that idea to bed. …

Hello CatzNation,

While the market has been taking it’s time finding the bottom, we have been busy working on better Catz for all our loyal hodlers!

We are now listed on Coinsbit. If you hate front running bots as much as we do, go sign up and trade on a…

Hi #CatzNation,

In last 24 hours, our growth exploded to over 3,000 HODLERS and almost $16m in MC before pulling back to around $10m. Remember HODLers pullbacks are healthy and are part of the game in the world of volatility in crypto. …

Hello CatzNation,

What a week it has been for $CatzCoin! The unfortunate news around Bitcoin and Crypto in general when Elon tweeted his views on its energy consumption has not dampened our Catmunity’s spirits! …

🐱‍🏍A truly connected global community for cat fans and supporters

CatzCoin (CATZ) is the leading community coin made by cat lovers for other cat lovers.‌‌ With the goal of building the largest cat community, we are a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no external investor, and no pre-mine. So from the beginning, this has always been a product built by…


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